Monday, June 6, 2011

 Ciclo Classico exists primarily to document a collection of fine steel bicycles from the 60s, 70s and 80s.  These are not show bikes but they are bikes with fine appearance and excellent mechanical condition.  The collection includes Italian, French and English built bikes with a sprinkling of American, Japanese and other countries of origin represented. We love bikes with fine craftsmanship and that includes lugwork, pantographing, paint and decals.

Ciclo Classico is Jim Nusbaum.  Jim had his first bicycle craze phase when he was about 13.   He became very interested in the machines themselves, even at that young age.  He was crazy about  Italian racing machines with pantographed and drillium parts, spending hours in the library reading back issues of bicycle magazines.  His second craze phase came in college and graduate school.  Jim rode the latest technology at that time (aluminum) but still was interested in Italian steel bikes.  Jim is now in his third craze phase.  With a fully equipped shop and the ability and knowledge to perform many restoration tasks in house, Jim is also very knowledgeable about component sources and information on classic bicycles.
Jim is recently retired from a career as a technology developer and entrepreneur in the medical and finance areas.  With time on his hands and resources available Jim is turning his love of bicycles into a small collection that will be a labor of love.


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