Monday, August 29, 2011

Mini vintage bike shop concept by old steelers

After 1 day of domestic chores and housekeeping, finally found some time to formalize the old steelers mini "ka chia diam" (old bike shop as we do not intend to give it a fanciful shop name),where we stock some of the rare and exclusive vintage find.

We are not those bike shop uncle who keep telling you “ they know everything ” stories but to let you have the extra choices.
This mini shop is not out to profit but there might be some vintage value in it and to be honest we will have pay the heavy shipping fee due to the rising freight and fuel surcharge. Mainly for passion and to keep our wifes happy by freeing out the space we occupied at home.

We do not intend to do online store as we like to keep it old skool and be more personal in dealing with each other like those old mama shop.

Welcome fellow steelers to contribute to the mini bike shop where everyone can share their finds and be happy about it. We always keep a lookout for collective sales or group shipping as possible to benefits both the buyer and the sellers.

My collection maybe a small collection but it is the finest/rare finds so welcome others to contribute.In future, we might even move on to a mini vintage bikes flea fiesta or a swap meet to share our joy in vintage riding.

"Lets keep the legend alive and preserve the roots of cycling"

Thanks & Regards


  1. cool project! when u free, I bring lovecyclingsg to "raid" ur place!

  2. haha..later riot man..yah is a holiday idea man,not really formalize yet but will try to push it further!